Sales Training

A couple of things you should know: One, Christopher is a fantastic sales trainer and, two, you probably don’t need him. Many organizations who want sales training do so when they are at wit’s end on why they aren’t hitting revenue objectives. They throw their hands up in disgust and say “These reps don’t know anything. They need to be trained!”

While training may be part of the answer, often times it’s the least important solution to your revenue concerns. Are commissions appropriately aligned with behavior? Does every level of sales management have the same philosophy? How consistent is your accountability and reward structure? Before you bring in a sales trainer, including Christopher, give real consideration to if it will tangibly move the needle.

Christopher would love to be the sales trainer you bring to your team. He can provide complete customized sales cycle training, including four-legged calls. Christopher started selling while in school as commission only auto salesperson in Chicago. At DialAmerica Marketing, he ran highly success call center sales offices in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and South Charleston, WV. He served as the sales trainer and branch manager. After moving to Las Vegas he helped countless business owners as an advertising and marketing sales rep with the Review-Journal before moving into his learning and development role. To talk to Christopher about your Sales Training Ideas, send a note below or connect with him on LinkedIn

To bring Christopher into your organization for a workshop or presentation, see his speaker page and topics here.


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