Personal Development Coach

As your organization focuses on individual development, a productivity coach may be the answer. Organizations typically find themselves in one of two scenarios:

  1. You already have a successful leader or coach readily available to guide less experienced employees to greater success.
  2. You have potential leaders, successful team members who just need a development plan to reach their full capacity.

Either way, a Learning and Development professional can be a tremendous help. Christopher has designed, developed and delivered leadership training for several years. Individual modules include personal accountability, professionalism, listening skills, organizational change, performance improvement, entrepreneurial spirit, work-life balance, mentoring, and more.

Bring Christopher in to customize a development plan for your team. He will design and deliver a workshop or program aligned with your mission and vision. If you’d like an inspirational coach, for yourself or a team member, Christopher will help you develop your plan and walk with you to fulfill it*.

*Available on a case by case basis, contact Christopher to see if this is appropriate for you.
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