E-Learning, Games and LMS

Are you new to E-Learning, Gamification or Learning Management Systems (LMS)? Do you have several training handouts, workbooks, and manuals and would like a single, interactive portal to let your teams get the information and instruction they need? An LMS may be exactly what you need. Let Christopher navigate the process for you. Starting with your business goals, he can assess your current situation and provide options for an LMS.

If you already have a shiny new LMS and would like tailored content, Christopher has designed E-Learning courses using custom video, iSpring, PowerPoint, Video Adobe and other authoring software.

Depending on your organizational goals, games and game-based activities are a wonderful way to introduce adults to new concepts and skills. Equal parts art and science, having an experienced learning and development game builder will make the experience seamless and profitable. Christopher has designed adult learning games for over 10 years.

There are many game creation options available. Flash and  HTML based software, Social media applications, and cloud-based response systems are popular options. Which is best for your team? Christopher will assess the technology and investment resources of your organization and create a gaming learning experience that meets your team where they are.

To talk to Christopher about your LMS implementation, send a note below or connect with him on LinkedIn

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