Digital Marketing

How would you rate your team’s digital fluency? What do you see as the greatest opportunity to bring your staff into the digital age, without disrupting all the institutional knowledge they bring? For many companies, this is a daunting task. Christopher can facilitate improvement in the comprehension, application, and analysis of digital marketing tools, resources, and campaigns. Using tailored combinations of workshops, presentations, and interactivities, business owners and sales organization attendees will increase foundational knowledge and skills in Analytics, Search, Programmatic, Video or Email marketing.

He has worked with departments and business owners from Ames, IA to Las Vegas, NV, helping them develop measurable increases in digital comfort and application. To talk to Christopher about your Digital Marketing, send a note below or connect with him on LinkedIn

Popular Sessions and Services

All sessions include customized workbooks or appropriate job aids and 90-day results guarantee.

  • Digital Fluency for Business Owners and Managers
    • Formats Available
      • Webinar, In Person, 1 on 1 consulting
    • This session is right for you if:
      • Your team wants to sell digital advertising
      • Your team has been slow to embrace digital marketing
      • You are new to digital advertising (Search, Programmatic, Email, Video and Social)
  • How to Hold Your Digital Agency Accountable
    • Formats Available
      • In Person, 1 on 1 consulting
    • This session is right for you if:
      • Your digital campaigns underperform
      • Your agency reports are confusing
      • Your like to start working with a digital agency
  • Digital Sales Training
    • Formats Available
      • In Person, 1 on 1 coaching, In Field Calls
    • This session is right for you if:
      • Your team is new to digital sales
      • Your sales team would benefit from an independent sales coach to go on calls with them
      • Your experienced sales team or managers need a refresher