Our One Year Results Guarantee


Helping others reach their full potential is my passion. Whether in sales, professional development or coaching, your goals come first. That’s why when we work together, we will develop a plan that is clear and measurable before any work begins. Here’s why. Any new relationship has to start on a foundation of trust. I understand how difficult it can be to bring an outside person to your team. If, after our initial conversation, you decide to invite me into your organization, my duty is to honor that extension of trust in kind.

Additionally, I have no interest in taking money from an unhappy client. My sessions and consulting services are tested and proven to work. I am sure you will love the results you get that I stand fully behind my work. If you bring me for a session, meeting, paid consultation or workshop and are not fully satisfied, you have up to one year to request and receive, a full refund.

That means you can collaborate with me in confidence knowing that, even if it takes up to a year, you will get the results. I look forward to working together.

Christopher L Gray