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Christopher is regarded as a dynamic and knowledgeable public speaker, instructional designer and training facilitator. Drawing on over twenty years experience as a sales and marketing training professional, Christopher has helped businesses and sales organizations navigate digital marketing, customer acquisition, customer service skills, leadership training, and more. He’s delivered dynamic and engaging presentations all over the country to groups of all sizes including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America, Virgin America Airlines, Colorado Springs Gazette, various sales departments, and professional business groups.

Christopher Hosting Event
Hosting an Event

Prior to learning and development, Christopher studied Political Science at UIC, owned Gray’s Popcorn and Candy in Broadview, Il, worked as a Branch Manager for DialAmerica Marketing and has hosted community forums. For over ten years, Christopher trained, developed and grew sales offices in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Austin and Charleston, WV. As a sales manager, he led profitable outbound sales campaigns for many clients like America Online, Verizon, and Sears. He’s a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), serving on the local chapter board for over 6 years and is now Past President.

Born in Chicago, Il, Christopher is an avid White Sox fan, pizza snob, and speaks enough Spanish to understand telenovelas. While waiting for George RR Martin to finish, he enjoys reading Tyehimba Jess, catching the Adderall and Compliments podcast, and listening to Sirius XM Insight. He has made Las Vegas his home since 2002.  View his complete work history on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter @ChrisGray_LV

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